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ThickFit Booty Bands

Let's sculpt that booty with my Signature Booty Bands! The ThickFit Booty Band Set adds an extra...

Let's sculpt that booty with my Signature Booty Bands! 

The ThickFit Booty Band Set adds an extra level of intensity to all of your booty and leg exercises. These premium woven loop booty bands are a perfect fit for anyone looking to grow their glutes. The bands are soft and stretchy to comfortably target the entire booty and lower-body muscles. The set of bands come in 3 different strengths and sizes (light, medium, strong). Each band is useful for different variations of exercises, serving all of your body goal needs!

This set includes 3 Resistance Bands:




The ThickFit Booty Band Set is a high quality product that's ideal for travel as well as any kind of home or gym workout! Take them anywhere for a full range of exercises.  You can now tone and sculpt your booty and legs anywhere you are, whenever you want. The bands comes in a ThickFit label mesh bag that fits well in your backpack or exercise bag and is ideal for drying out after a heavy session.

Bands sold in a set of 3. Items not sold separately.

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