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The majority of people are searching for the latest quick fix. They want to lose weight fast, or grow an ass in a month. Unfortunately, with health, fitness and especially with changing your physique, it all takes a whole lot of patience and time! The key to achieving those results, and keeping them, is creating a sustainable long-term approach. If you do a program, or maybe an 30 day or 8 week challenge, that involves an extreme approach, you will likely return to your old habits once it is over. This will, most likely, lead you right back to square one. When it’s drastic, it’s not sustainable.

Let’s start with nutrition, as this is often difficult for people to change and actually stick to. There are far so many ‘fad diets’ out there, where you are encouraged to completely remove an entire food group, eat basically no calories starving yourself daily, consume only liquids or a combination of all of these. Detox teas, slim shakes -you name it. The reason these strategies are appealing is because they are black and white, and in theory simple. But you need to understand that if the diet that you are considering is not something that you can’t stick to for the rest of your life, then it isn’t setting you up for long term success! As soon as you reintroduce these foods (or solids) to your diet, your body is not going to react well, and you won’t have the knowledge to know how to successfully include these foods in your everyday life. A better (or in my opinion, the best) way to approach healthy nutrition, even if you are working towards a specific goal, is to love the way you eat. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to achieve a goal when you actually enjoy the journey?

When deciding on your meals and cooking them, get creative! Just because you’re eating a nutritious diet does not mean that it needs to be boring and tasteless. If your ‘healthy’ meals are bland, tasteless and you dislike them, then you are not going to stick to them for long because realistically why would you want to stick to the same boring foods. Look up some healthy and creative recipes, or take a look at my meal ideas on my Instagram feed/youtube. There are plenty of fun meals that I promise will keep your tastebuds engaged and you will actually enjoy the foods you’re eating.

Another key aspect of creating long-lasting results with your nutrition approach is to avoid restriction. This takes being in tune with your body and mind and learning when to indulge in that chocolate or ice cream after dinner. If you have hit all of your micronutrient, fibre and protein goals for the day then eating a sensible amount of food that isn’t as micronutrient dense will not affect your results. You are actually creating more long-lasting adherence to this healthier lifestyle by allowing yourself these things occasionally instead of cutting them out completely, and over-eating them later down the track.

Now when it comes to the training aspect of things you should also LOVE the method and training method you’re following. In order to make results and maintain them longterm you have to LOVE training. Whether that be 3,4,5 or 6 days per week – it must achievable for you when you think future.

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